Dinner with Friends

It’s apparent I love to support local businesses, and I love to share with you things that we enjoy, and as much as I love to rave about something or someone that deserves to be recognized, what I’m sharing with you today means even more to me than that! I grew up in a small town where everyone knew who you were, and most likely their parents all went to school together as well. Back when if you were caught misbehaving you may get a stern correcting, or even a spanking, from someone else’s Mom or Dad. The whole “it takes a village” saying was just a way of life. Times have changed… drastically. In a microwave society we find ourselves exhausted! While there are so many more conveniences today that should make our lives a little easier, we still find ourselves worn thin, running in circles, and always in a hurry more than ever before. It’s more difficult to slow down, be present in the moment, and make time for things that matter. Most certainly not because we don’t want to, or because it’s not a priority, but because the demands of our fast paced world can consume us if we do not make a conscious effort to say, “No! I can’t do that right now.” In this business, we don’t have a set schedule, unless we create one, and more often than not our lives and schedules are dictated by the availability and schedules of our clients. With that being said, evening times are our most common showing times, because the majority of our clients have jobs that allow evenings off. I absolutely love, so much, to sit at the dinner table and be unplugged from technology. It’s rare in society today to see anyone in a restaurant fully engaged with their guests, and not their phones. Guess who is guilty of that as well? Yep, me, myself, and I. To be a Realtor®, or at least a good one, means answering your phone and being prompt. On that same accord, being a good spouse, friend, or parent deserves the same attentiveness. It’s hard to be great at all things, isn’t it? So we choose! And the purpose of saying all of that is to say this;

We have clients that become family to us. They know who we are outside of the real estate transaction, they ask how are kids are doing, they invite us to come spend time with them in their homes we helped them purchase, and they invest in a friendship that means so much to us! So, when the invitations are presented, we unplug! We unplug and we cherish the time we have for those who make time for us.

Meet Dale and Angelia Morton – no there is no known relation to our Morton family name. Stephen was blessed to meet Dale and Angelia on their search for a weekend lake home. Through the process, which went on for almost a year before finding the perfect one, a friendship was formed. Dale is the pastor of a local church in Nacogdoches, and they ironically also have a daughter and son-in-law named Stephen and Brittany! Pretty cool, huh? We have had the pleasure of enjoying a lunch at Mercado’s, and sharing in all the good things the Lord has done in our lives. They enrich our lives by knowing them. When they called to invite us to a home cooked meal at their lake house we just knew we had to go! One of my favorite ways for someone to show they care about you is to cook for you. It’s a timeless form of endearment and affection, in my opinion.

Angelia prepared a baked chicken recipe that tasted JUST like my Mawmaw’s hawaiian chicken. (My favorite) Dale got in the floor and played with Christian the way that a grandfather would. It warmed my heart more than I can put into words. We enjoyed their company that evening, and look forward to many dinners ahead. Thank you Dale and Angelia for your friendship. We thank God for you!

Their smiles say it all! Pat and Mike relocated to Texas this year from Illinois, and through their journey have become so special to our family. They have a kind, gentle, and loving disposition that just makes you want to stay and hang out a while. When they closed on their home they were still in Illinois waiting for the birth of their first grand daughter, and it would be a few months before they would be here in Texas full time. So, we would go and check on their property, and make sure all was well until they came home. Pat asked for us to come over for dinner, and meet their new Great Dane Puppy, which is more like a full grown dog even at

4 months old! The kids loved spending time with their sweet Bacchus. He’s clumsy, and goofy, and all of the awkward things a Dane pup is when they don’t know how big they are. Pat prepared a full taco bar spread for us, including homemade salsa, guacamole, margaritas, and the best homemade apple pie I’ve ever had! I can’t wait to spend more time with our friends, and get to know their 3 daughters, as well as their sweet granddaughter, as they plan to someday transition to Texas. Thank you Pat and Mike for your friendship! We are so thankful to have you in our lives.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Wyant family. Looking for the wholesome Texas way, and eager to get out of their home state of California, the Wyant family became friends on their journey to Texas. Steve and Samantha have a daughter close in age with Brylin, and they became friends through their week long trip here to view properties. It took a few times to find their perfect place, but through patience and the Lord’s timing, the Wyant family made their move in the summer of

2018. Steve came in on a trip to see their future home, and felt it was mandatory that now being a Texan, meant becoming a Dallas Cowboy fan! He purchased tickets for the stadium tour of “Jerry’s World”, and even offered to drive Stephen to a doctor’s appointment in Dallas that day. What a nice guy! They ventured off and got the full tour, enjoyed lunch, and spent some time becoming friends. They still talk to this day, and catch up when they can. They bought a property just minutes away from my grandparent’s place, and around the corner from my lifelong best friend. They attended church with us on the Sunday the came to visit properties in Texas, and our girls went swimming together in the indoor pool at their hotel. God has a way of bringing people in lives at times they least expect it. We are so grateful he brought the Wyant family home to Texas.


We genuinely love our clients. It is not just a saying. It’s not just for likes on social media. It is our way of life. They become an extended family, and although our business requires a lot of time, we will make time for them! Time to slow down, love on people, and enjoy the simple things in life like a home cooked meal, or a special occasion, and unplug from the noise to be present in that moment. The world could use more face to face, fully present, interaction. We look forward to the many future memories, and clients, that will become like family. Real Estate is the tool that God has provided us to be able to minister to, help, and bond with others on this journey in life, and for that we are thankful beyond words. 16:3



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