Making a difference - Texas Equestrian Gala benefiting Azleway

As our business has continued to grow, we have had the incredible opportunity to learn and get involved in programs and organizations that are, and have been, making a difference in our local community for many years. As most of you know, both Stephen and I were born in Tyler, and grew up in East Texas. He, in particular, having grown up in the community of Chapel Hill, has known of the Azleway program and personally knew children who experienced the goodness of this organization most of his life. Because we have a heart for the Lord, and understand the magnitude of being called to love and help the fatherless, being invited to attend this benefit opened our eyes to a mission that is in great need of support to continue being the hands and feet to helping children in dire need.

I invite you to read the following about the mission and heart of Azleway;


[Azleway has been faithfully restoring lives and relationships of children in crisis since 1979. We have had the privilege of helping thousands of children and families in their time of desperate need.

Every child coming into our agency is evaluated and placed in one of our programs based on how we can best meet their needs. This is done through group hosting, therapeutic group housing, and direct foster care.

The children that come into Azleway come with scars of their past lives. We take children that have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect, and

developmental challenges. Some, even at very tender ages, are beaten by life that they are barely remaining afloat.

Regardless of their situation when they come to us, our purpose, vision and driving passion remains the same. Our goal is to bring each child into a caring environment where they receive structure, compassion, educational opportunities, and coping skills, with the ultimate objective remaining to direct them into a healthy family environment.

At Azleway we value each child as an individual with goals, talents, feelings, and love to offer each other and society. We continually seek the best of these from each child, while encouraging them to believe in the best they have to offer themselves. These children are precious gifts from God and through Him all things are possible. We value ourselves in being…”Not just a home, an opportunity.”]


Our real estate business has placed us front and center in the heart of programs that enrich our communities, serve those in need, and strive to leave people better than they found them. Because Stephen and I have a huge heart for the hurting, we wanted to share this night with our readers, and followers, to help invite you to get involved if you feel led to do so. (Photo credits to Anita Trevino and Amanda Jackson)

If you are interested in learning more about #Azleway, or how you can help, please follow the link below:

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